Online Casino-Top 5 Games

Gambling is lot of fun and it makes one to enjoy the thrill of winning the game. Sit at home and enjoy gambling online. Puzzled?? You have many casinos which work online. Why do you want to get trapped in the traffic to visit a casino? You will experience the same thrill in online casino as in land casino. Many people enjoy it from their home. Do you wish to know what games they play? There are few games that top the list.

Top 5 casino games that are played online

5. Bingo It is an interesting game that does not need much logic to be worked out. It is even easier to play it online than playing at casino.
  • At casino, you need to stand in queue to get bingo card. When it comes to play online you need not wait for anything. Just click on the bingo game and you are done with the initial arrangements for the game.
  • You need not go early and occupy a nearer seat to the caller. The computer will call out and display the number to be marked and it is very simple to strike out the called out number.
  • The card to be played will be displayed on your screen and you can start the game straight away. A single click on the called out number is enough to mark it.
  • You need not be involved in dispute with the dealer while playing your game.

4. Slots

Slots are very popular at casino. Many get attracted to the twinkling lights and start playing it. There are varieties of slot machines available online.
Each slot follows different rules. The rules for the particular game will be specified when you click on a particular game. At casino, you need to pull the lever of the slot to initiate the play. In online casino, it is enough if you click on the start button. You are done with your part of work.
As soon as you click the button, the random number generator will generate a combination of number and symbol. If the combination matches with the rule specified, you win the game.
Doesn’t it sound simple? This is why many people play slots online.

3. Blackjack

There are more than 40 blackjack games that could be played online. Each has slight variations compared to the land lucky red casino. The variation may be in the deck of card that is used to pay. Some games use only one deck and some use two, three, and four and so on. The variation can be in the surrender. Some may allow you to surrender and some may not. You can play blackjack anytime and anywhere.

2. Roulette

Playing roulette online can be more fun as you can start even with a little amount. Few casinos allow you to start with just 1$.

Online roulette consists of a wheel, ball and roulette board. You need to click on the number which you think will the ball land. Once you have placed your bet, click on the spin button which will spin the wheel. The ball will slowly come to rest in a number. If the number falls within your bet, you win the bet. You need not wait for other players to place their bet. It is faster compared to playing online.

1. Poker

In online poker, you will be allowed to play variety of games. You can also make different type of bets. Online poker gives you the same feel as you get in land casino.

Once you have selected the game and type of bet, you will be displayed with the table. If you have a seat at a particular table, you can join them and start playing by choosing the seat. Computer dealer will distribute cards to each player Fold, call and raise button will be enabled on the screen during the players turn. Raise button will have slider to specify the raise. The game continues until the cards are revealed.

These are only the top 5 games that are played online. There are lot more games for one to play online. Each game gives different feel and there are lot of offers while playing online. Try playing one and experience the awesome feel you get while playing them online. Don’t get puzzled about where to play them. We are such company who provide you facility to play casino games online.